The Company based in Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu, India, provides Electroplating Job Works in the field of Bright Nickel / Chrome, Hard Chrome, Zinc, Copper, Cadmium, Electroless Nickel and all types of Metal Finishings.

Our Sister concern by name GENERAL CHEMICALS is a well established dealer in the field of Electroplating Chemicals, Equipments, Metal Polishing Materials, Industrial and Lab Chemicals to plating industry.

General Electroplatings-Electroplating Industry, Plating Industries, Electro Plating Works-Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India also in Kerala-General Electroplatings-Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Zinc Plating, Hardchrome, Electroless Nickel, Nickel Chrome, Silver, Tin, Cadmium, Electroplating Components